Paolo Brajnik and Sandro Zeller win in Styria

Drexler Formula Cup - Red Bull Ring (AUT)

With a great motorsport event, the circuit trophy at the Red Bull Ring was fully convincing. The total of 17 races offered the fans a lot of action and variety on and off the race track in Styria with free admission. The 4th round of the Drexler Formula Cup offered plenty of excitement with a field of 30 formula cars. As expected, the first qualifying session was very close after the free practice sessions on Friday. Sandro Zeller (Jo Zeller Racing) secured pole position with a time of 1:28.077 min. With a gap of only 0.065 seconds, Bernardo Pellegrini (HT Powerteam) was also on the first row of the grid, followed by Dino Rasero (Puresport) and Paolo Brajnik (NV Racing). After the lights went green, a four-way battle developed during the 13-lap chase. Sandro Zeller tried to escape to the front and kept his rivals at bay. While Pellegrini and Rasero lost contact to Zeller, Paolo Brajink got into better and better shape and settled behind Sandro Zeller. In the last third of the race, the Serbian had caught the right moment in one of his attacks on the Swiss defending champion and passed him. Zeller tried to counterattack again, but Brajnik defended his lead with an advantage of 2.374 seconds until the finish. Dino Rasero was a respectable third, followed by his compatriot Renato Papaleo (One Management) and Benjamin Berta (Team Hoffmann Racing). The Japanese Juju Noda (Vadum Racing) showed a strong race to catch up, coming from 15th on the grid to sixth.


Full house in Styria

Drexler-Automotive Formula Cup - Red Bull Ring (AUT)

Next weekend (03-05 June) the Drexler Formula Cup will be visiting Styria. The circuit trophy at the Red Bull Ring has been one of the season's highlights for many years. This season, the Grand Prix circuit will not only be the venue for the Drexler Formula Cup and the Austrian Racing Car Championship, but also for the TOPJET F 2000 Italy Trophy drivers to compete for championship points. This means that the 3rd race weekend of the Drexler Formula Cup will have a more exciting field than it has had for a long time. "We expect around 36 Formula cars and drivers from twelve nations. This means that we can present the spectators with a very strong, internationally well-staffed field. Formula 3 will clearly set the tone," says coordinator Franz Wöss. The Drexler Cup coordinator and team manager from Schwarzenberg is looking forward to the home race in the Alps with the picturesque backdrop of the Red Bull Ring.


Sovereign performance by Cian Carey and Sandro Zeller

Drexler Formula Cup - Imola (ITA)

With a record field of 37 cars, the drivers in the Drexler Formula Cup and the Top Jet F2000 Italian Trophy provided plenty of action on the 4.909 kilometre Formula 1 circuit in Imola. After a totally rainy qualifying, Sandro Zeller (Jo Zeller Racing) had secured pole position. Cian Carey (Franz Wöss Racing) held Benjamin Berta (Team Hoffmann Racing) at bay in third place, while co-favourite Paolo Brajnik failed to set a qualifying time. Qualifying was a special challenge for all drivers in these adverse conditions late on Friday afternoon.


Second round in Imola

Drexler-Automotive Formula Cup

The Autodromo "Enzo e Dino Ferrari" will host the third round of the Drexler Formula Cup this coming weekend. In cooperation with the TopJet F2000 Italian Trophy, the Drexler Formula Cup is in the best of company. For the championships of Italy, the circuit racing season enters the next round. The TCR Italy Touring Car Championship and the Italian Formula 4 Championship will join the Porsche Carrera Cup Italia and the Clio Cup Europe on the Formula 1 track at the ACI Racing Weekend. After the cracker of a field at Monza, Imola is set to be buzzing with over 40 Formula cars. "In Imola, the interest of the teams is at least as high as in Monza. In the past, we had even bigger starting fields there," says coordinator Franz Wöss. There will be another clash with the pilots from the TopJet F.2000 Italy Trophy.


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