Sandro Zeller tested GT3 Lamborghini and LMP3 prototype at Hockenheim

Drexler-Automotive Formula Cup

The end of the 2018 season also marked the end of Remus' longstanding sponsorship as the
sponsor of the Austrian Formula Racing competitions, which have been run by
by Franz Wöss since 1992. Reason for Herbert Drexler to extend his previous
support and to give the Drexler Automotive Formula Cup its name from 2019.
( ) his name. In cooperation with
BioCircle, a special prize was announced for the best young driver, a
trackday in a Lamborghini GT3 supported by Konrad Motorsport at the Hockenheim
Hockenheim race track.

The 2019 season was characterized by a sometimes very close three-way battle between.
Sandro Zeller, Andrea Cola and Tom Beckäuser. On the race track sometimes only
separated by fractions of a second. As third in the Drexler Formula 3 Cup
the Czech Tom Beckhäuser could be pleased about the win in the FIA CEZ
championship. Andrea Cola became Austrian Race Car Champion and Vice Cup Winner
in the Drexler Automotive F3 classification. And Sandro Zeller became with 9 of the 15
race wins of the first Drexler-Automotive Formula Cup,
reached 3 more podium places and retired only once.
On 12.11.2019 in Hockenheim Andrea Cola came into the pleasure of the Lamborghini
GT3 test of BioCircle. Born on 9.6.1999 he fulfilled the conditions, Sandro
Zeller (16.11.1991) with his then 27 years was unfortunately too old for this. Andrea
Colas looks back on this day with pleasure: "It was a really professional track day.
trackday, my first kilometers in a Lamborghini. I was shown every single
Squadra Corse engineer explained every single button in the cockpit. The team from
Konrad Motorsport took care of me exclusively for one day. I am
grateful to Franz Wöss, but also to Franz Konrad and especially to BioCircle
that they made this day possible for me as a 20 year old".
After an unsuccessful season in the Formula Regional Andrea Cola is since 2021
official Lamborghini factory driver in the Young Drivers Program since 2021.
2022 with Vincezo Sospiri Racing the title of "Italian GT Endurance Champion" in the GT3 Pro-Am class.
in the GT3 Pro-Am class.
For the 2022 season, BioCircle and Drexler Automotive
GmbH again announced a GT3 trackday. In a conversation during a
with Sandro Zeller during a race weekend, one could guess that he would have been
to win the Trackday at that time, that the age limit would not have been known.
would not have been known. Internally this was passed on to Franz Wöss. He
spoke with Herbert Drexler and the statutes were adapted regarding the age limit.

And so Sandro Zeller then came as the winner of the Drexler Formula
( ) 3 Cup classification 2022 in late fall 2022,
also at Hockenheim, to his GT3 TRACKDAY thanks to the series sponsors.
"Sponsors are very important in our sport. Actually, I have always been supported
supported by Motorex and Lista. But my thanks also go to BioCircle and.
Herbert Drexler for this opportunity. Another thank you also goes to the
team of Franz Konrad. Konrad Motorsport has prepared and executed this test day really
prepared and executed this test day for me".
And it may be noted that it was not only a test with the Lamborghini.
Lamborghini. Konrad Motorsport brought beside the GT3 from
Sant'Agata with another vehicle. But first several Stints and approx. 40
laps with in the morning very damp, in the afternoon then dry distance on
the afternoon. The DTM car in the Nürburgring configuration was driven by Sandro
Zeller's DTM car in the Nürburgring configuration was driven on rain tires, as it was simply too damp for slicks. Impression
nevertheless left an impression on Sandro. In the course of the day he then changed for 2
stints in the Ginetta G61-LT-P3 Evo known from the Prototype Cup Germany.
And the otherwise rather reserved Sandro Zeller had in this vehicle probably
much more fun in this car than before with the Lamborghini on a damp
Hockenheimring. This first experience with an LMP3 racer was important to him.
a spontaneous request for a short-notice race entry - due to a lack of experience with this type of
for a race at short notice - due to a lack of experience with this type of vehicle - in the past.
rejected. At the end of our conversation, he reveals that he has worked with Konrad
Motorsport already earlier, but also currently, to be in discussions for further
Franz Konrad, team boss of the team Konrad Motorsport, which he founded in 1972, made a statement a few days ago.
Motorsport, expressed himself a few days ago as follows:
"I have known Sandro since childhood. He made a great impression and
and completed a super test. However, a formula driver is always
more oriented towards formula cars. That's why I gave him the chance
to test our Konrad LMP3. He felt at home in the prototype right from the start
and Sandro was also enthusiastic about the vehicle. The LMP3 category is a
very good promotion class at present and also interesting for him. We are currently
we are in talks for further cooperation."
So it is also in the sense of Franz Wöss when pilots go their own way and their first steps in Formula
first steps in formula racing were made possible by his personal commitment.
his personal commitment. There have been enough examples of this in recent years. And the commitment of the sponsors is once again warmly thanked at this point.

Text: Dirk Hartung/ Agency


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