Fine-tuning the class division

Drexler Automotive Formula Cup

Why not stick to the tried and tested in many respects? This is the credo under which the Drexler Formula Cup enters the new season, which starts on the last weekend in March in Mugello, Italy. The purely technical regulations for the vehicles remain unchanged from last year. But there is a new class division. "We have discussed this step for a long time in our organization and from this year we want to take the new path with only three classification classes," says coordinator Franz Wöss. This will give the teams the chance to participate in the Drexler Formula Cup with very different formula cars, especially on the engine side. The rule will remain that the teams are free to choose their tire brand and that two sets of slick tires will be available each weekend. The new class to the formula 3 Cup will place itself as spearhead of the formula racing series. Formula 3 cars built between 2012 and 2018 with an air intake of 28 mm are eligible here. Also eligible to start are the F320 with Toyota Moren with max. 31 mm air intake, as well as the Formula 3 cars with VW Power Engine, the Formula Master cars and the Tatuus race cars from Formula Regional. The differences in performance are equalized by the minimum weights of the cars.

The new Formula 3 Trophy class has a similar concept. Here, Formula 3 cars built up to 2011, as well as 2012 to 2018, with an air intake of 26 mm are predominantly eligible. Eligible are also the Formula 3 cars with Toyota Moren, as well as the Opel OPC engine, the Fiat FPT engine and the NBE Honda Mugen engine, which differ only slightly with the air intake to be used. The pure Formula Renault category is history. This will no longer exist. Formula Renault will find its place in the new Formula Light class from this season. Also eligible to start here are the junior formulae such as Formula Abarth, ADAC, BMW or Opel/Vauxhall Lotus, as well as Formula 4 with the Tatuus T014 and Tatuus T421. For all three classes, the champion is determined at the end of the season. The driver with the highest total rating points will be honored as the 2023 Drexler Automotive Formula Cup Champion. "I think with the adjustments to the new classes we are set up for the future," says Franz Wöss. The Drexler Formula Cup is one of the strongest formula racing series in Europe. In cooperation with the Zinox F2000 Trophy and the resulting schedule, we can look ahead with confidence. With these sporting conditions, the Drexler Formula Cup is well equipped and will be able to further establish itself as an attractive platform in formula racing.

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