Second double victory for Benjamin Berta (HUN)

Drexler-Automotive Formula Cup - Red Bull Ring (AUT)

At the 4th round of the Drexler Formula Cup Benjamin Berta (Franz Wöss Racing) achieved his second double victory this year at the Red Bull Ring. The Hungarian started the race from pole position and had shone in qualifying with a time of 1:25.797 min. Qualifying was really exciting in the field of 28 Formula cars.

Juju Noda (Noda Racing) was actually ahead despite two interruptions due to red flags. Just before the rain set in, Berta slammed the fastest lap onto the 4.318-kilometer track in Knittelfeld, to which the Japanese driver was unable to respond. After the start of the 25-minute chase, Benjamin Berta turned into the first corner ahead of Bernardo Pellegrini (HT Powerteam), Juju Noda and Sandro Zeller (Jo Zeller Racing). Zeller chose the inside lane, initially making up ground, which he then lost again. In the starting scrum Riccardo Perego (Team Perego) and Andrea Benalli (Puresport) touched each other, and Karim Sartori (Speed Motor) also came to a halt on the track. The safety car phase that followed lasted almost 10 minutes. Benjamin Berta then completed a flawless re-start and had to deal with Sandro Zeller first. Behind him, Juju Noda put Italian Bernardo Pellegrini under pressure. The 17-year-old Japanese went past Pellegrini and also caught Sandro Zeller after the long uphill passage to the Remus curve. Eight minutes before the end of the race Francesco Galli (G Motorsport) touched his compatriot Dino Rasero. Now the second safety car phase was necessary, but it took only 5 minutes. At the restart Berta kept a cool head and didn't let the butter be taken off his bread until the finish. Juju Noda crossed the finish line second, 1.094 seconds behind, followed by Sandro Zeller and Bernardo Pellegrini, who lost some ground in the final sprint. Fifth place went to Marcel Tobler (Jo Zeller Racing).He won the fight just ahead of Thomas Amweg (Franz Wöss Racing). The second race started with a moment of shock for Bernardo Pellegrini. First pole setter Benjamin Berta took the lead. Bernardo Pellegrini had made a very good start and was hit by Juju Noda in the Remus curve while lying in second place. The Italian rolled over, but was fortunately able to leave his Dallara uninjured. After the nine-minute safety car period, Benjamin Berta defended his lead against Francesco Galli at the restart. While Berta built up a lead, Galli had to deal with Juju Noda, who then passed the Italian. In the final third of the race, Noda tried to catch up with Berta and, as if out of the blue, the Japanese ended up in the gravel, where she was unable to free herself. After another safety car phase Benjamin Berta again made a safe re-start. Behind him, Sandro Zeller successfully attacked Galli and now held second position. This meant that Berta had read the cards and celebrated his first one-two at the Red Bull Ring. Behind Zeller, Galli crossed the finish line in third place, followed by Ricardo Perego and Andrea Benalli. Marcel Tobler finished sixth ahead of Thomas Amweg, who delivered two promising races in Formula 3. In the Formula Light class Dr.Norbert Groer (Team Hoffmann Racing) and Stefano Palummieri (PALMRACING) shared the race wins with their Formula Renault.

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