Paolo Brajnik wins heat battle

Drexler-Automotive Formula Cup-Vallelunga (ITA)

At the 5th round of the Drexler Formula Cup Paolo Brajnik (NV Racing) dominated in both races. The 28 drivers will certainly not forget the heat battle in Vallelunga in a hurry. With very hot summer temperatures of over 45 degrees, the 4.085-kilometre track turned into a real blazing oven on both days. An extreme challenge for the pilots and teams, because shady places became a scarce commodity. In qualifying Paolo Brajinik from the Formula 3 Open category set the bar pretty high with a 1:29.560 min. Bernardo Pellegrini (HT Powerteam) stayed close behind with 0.460 seconds and Sandro Zeller (Jo Zeller Racing) did not need to hide at all with a gap of 0.478 seconds. Even Benjamin Berta (Team Hoffmann Racing) was only slightly behind.

At the start of race 1, Brajnik gained a small lead from pole position and immediately sought to escape to the front. While Bernardo Pellegrini dropped back, Sandro Zeller took second place, followed by Benjamin Berta. In a duel worth seeing with changing leads, Zeller kept the upper hand in the end by a narrow margin during the 15 lap distance. Brajinik did not have to worry about his victory and won by 3.148 seconds ahead of Zeller and Berta. Both delivered a similar duel as last year in Vallelunga, where they raced on equal terms at all times. Fourth place went to Dino Rasero (Pure Sport), who distanced Bernardo Pellegrini by more than three seconds. Behind Riccardo Perego, who was placed sixth, David Richert (Franz Wöss Racing) finished seventh. For the second race on Sunday, the sun was at its best at midday. This seemed to motivate Paolo Brajinik. Right at the beginning of the race over the 18-lap distance, he laid the foundation for his second victory of the weekend and quickly made off. Behind the Serbian, it was again a hot battle between Sandro Zeller and Benjamin Berta. The lap-long duel went off like a thread. Zeller managed to fend off the attacks all the way to the finish and remained in second place by 0.057 seconds ahead of Berta. Behind the Hungarian, Pellegrini finished fourth ahead of his compatriot Dino Rasero. In Formula Renault, Dr. Norbert Groer (Team Hoffmann Racing) was able to maintain his claim to a successful title defence. In the first race he was beaten by Fabio Turchetto. The next day, Groer won the race and scored the full number of points.

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